July 18, 2016

Maybe Trump

I have spent a great deal of time lately, explaining the military to my boss.  Not battle strategy or weaponry, but how the military is just a microcosm of our society.  Military units are made up of good people, bad people, criminals, heroes, all races (and the prejudices that go with them), sexual preferences, and varying personalities, just like the world civilians live in.

I bleed red, white, and blue.  I was an Air Force brat, and an Army wife.  I love my country, and I believe that our military might is what made, and kept us, the greatest world power (until the past few years).  I will be supporting the candidate that will support our military and veterans.

Said candidate was built up in speech tonight by Marcus Luttrell.  My social media pages are erupting with (virtual) cheers of approval for his words.  From neighbor to conservative celebrities, everyone loves Marcus right now.

And here I sit thinking about what a P.O.S. he is.  My life has been blessed of late, with friendships with many veterans of specialized military units.  Some famous, some that would never dream of trading on their military service to achieve celebrity - and yet both groups share the same opinion of Mr. Luttrell.

Now, what I know about Marcus doesn't change his heroism.  There are plenty of jerks, liars, thieves, and cheaters in the military that rise up under fire.  I suspect that there are just as many everyday folks that would do heroic things, should the situation arise - they just haven't put themselves in the same situation that the average soldier/sailor/airman has.

What I think about Marcus doesn't change the fact that he gave a rousing speech.  Whether or not they were actually his words is inconsequential as well.  The occasion is meant to inspire conservative espirit de corps.  He said just what needed to be said.  I can appreciate the words but have some disdain for the speaker.

Maybe these are the attitudes I need to embrace regarding the presumptive Republican nominee.  I don't like the person, but I should be able to appreciate that he will do what needs to be done for our country, he will say the words that need to be said, he will rise up to the challenge of leading our country.

Or, we could just be screwed.

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