July 8, 2016

First Thoughts On Dallas

Last night, at a 'peaceful' protest, at least four people (EDIT) someone conspired to hunt law enforcement officers, shooting them from a parking garage in downtown Dallas.

As soon as the news broke, social media was flooded with all of the usual sentiments and the all-too-common ridiculous comments that make my blood boil.

I literally sat on my hands to keep from typing responses.  Seriously.  I stuck my hands between my ass and chair for several minutes, while employing 4-7-8 breathing to calm down.

An example of what set me off, "snipers shooting at cops with AR-15s".  Another was the result of an eyewitness account that the shooting's rhythym was "tap-tap-pause, tap-tap-pause" setting the internet into a tizzy that this was clearly a military trained sniper.

No one on God's green earth could have known at that point in time what weapon was being used to shoot cops, or what training they had.

Sure, there are people that have the knowledge to make some educated guesses, based on number of shots fired in a specific time frame, apparent distance, sound of the shot, etcetera - but not from the comfort of their home watching the media play someone's cell phone video.  And, you don't have to be a military sniper to employ a double tap.  Just STFU internet 'experts', you are idiots.

Since I live in a suburb of Dallas, my social media accounts are flooded with those who say that this was "too close to home", and 'it is different when it happens in your city".  I am not sure how many of them were truly affected, or just needed to tweet a platitude so that they felt self-important.

I don't think it matters where you live, this was a horrifying event.  It was a premeditated murder of at least five police officers.  It was a vicious assault on all that were in the vicinity, including at least two 'innocent' bystanders that were injured by the shots.  As today unfolds, and everyone is named - police officers and suspects - and the media does their job of digging up every gritty detail of their lives, we will get some answers about the 'who' part of the equation, but the 'why', which will be debated ad nauseam, won't ever truly be known.

Five people have died.  Five families shattered.  I suspect that racial divides will expand into miles-wide chasms.  And for what?  

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