August 5, 2015

No time

Poor, neglected blog.

I just got no time, as the song goes.
Work.  Family. Priorities, ya know?
My company will either be out of business in two months or see 1000% growth.  It is kinda stressful, very frustrating, and not at all what I would have expected this year to bring.
At the end of this month, I will be the mother of a senior in college, a senior in high school, and seventh and third graders.  Senior years are full to begin with, and while many people think of them as endings, they are really beginnings of another phase - Bang is applying to colleges, Boom is planning more college after she receives her bachelor's degree.  My hope is that they end up in the same place, so they can support one another and give my checkbook a break in the room and board department.
The Princess was recently diagnosed with scoliosis, a condition, I have learned, that often becomes most obvious during the growth spurts associated with puberty.  We use humor in our family, and the S curve that is her spine is by all accounts moderate, so her pediatrician was understandably caught off guard when I called her Quasimodo, a nickname she now loves.  We are just beginning this journey, with many consultations and opinions.  Though I had an immediate vision of Joan Cusack's Sixteen Candles character trying to drink from a can in her Milwaukee Brace, The Princess probably isn't going to have to go down that road.  

As a combination birthday and Father's Day present, the kids and I surprised Mr H with his mid-life crisis dream, a Harley, earlier this summer.  Every time he goes out for a ride, he comes back and thanks us, clearly in love with the bike, the experience, the feel of the wind in his (helmeted) hair.  I hate it.  I listen for sirens, check the local scanner social media updates for accidents.  It hasn't helped my stress level, but, hey, he's happy.
We are getting ready to embark on a family vacation, necessarily delayed due to Boom's summer class schedule.  She took her last final yesterday, and should be arriving home just in time for us to leave.  Nothing like nine days of family bonding to convince a girl to get her ass in gear and become self-supporting so she doesn't have to move back home after college!
I have missed FODs and had no place to pound out my rants about current events and politics.  Wish I had a sexy story to explain it, but it is just life getting in the way.