July 20, 2015


I have missed a few FODs recently.  My life is so crazy busy right now that I rarely find time to sit down and write anything here, which is unfortunate, but a necessary exercise in prioritizing family and work above selfish pursuits.  Don't you wish our president would do the same?

Instead of showing up at a memorial service for those killed in Chattanooga, the president went golfing with three House democrats.  This after flying to New York to attend a fundraiser and take in a Broadway show.  This past weekend's schedule eerily similar to how the president conducted himself after the Benghazi attack - when he went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser and golf.

The president has lowered flags for pop stars, eulogized and sang at a black pastor's funeral, and has fanned the flames of racial unrest at every turn.  Yet when our military and diplomatic forces are attacked, he goes golfing.  He didn't demand that American hostages be returned as part of the Iranian nuclear arms deal, he went to a Broadway show.

Next month, we will be regaled with every movement and meal the president takes as he vacations on Martha's Vineyard, another imperial slap in the face to those that face their own mortality each day, defending the freedoms that this president takes great sport in trampling.

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