June 15, 2015


I'm surprised anyone is surprised by this Rachel Dolezal story.

The current president ran his first campaign on a consistent, and insistent, theme of his mixed-race heritage.  We were told every day of his campaign that he was half-white.  The minute he was elected, he magically became the first black president.  I don't know why it took so long for society to realize that this Dolezal-sort of thing was happening, as the president has already perpetrated a racial shift to serve his own purposes.  

I have to say, I am a little excited by what Rachel has perpetrated.  Even more so since, at first blush, the NAACP has stood behind her, at least her local chapter.  This is FANTASTIC!  Someone coined the term "transracial", and I am slapping that title on my kids effective immediately.

I might have paid full price for my oldest white kid to go to college, but you can bet your sweet ass that the next three are getting some of those minority scholarships.  Bang might be a hard sell - he has no rhythm or street cred.  Crash, well, he is a pretty gifted athlete, so maybe we can pad his college fund with some sport scholarships.  The Princess takes a hip-hop dance class and loves the music that goes with it, and she does a spot on Sweet Brown imitation...all she needs now is a bad perm and some spray tan.

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