June 1, 2015


Golf count: 230

On average, the man that is often referred to as the leader of the free world has been on a golf course every 10 days.  

Sure, we know that the average was bolstered on those sunny Hawaiian vacations when Obama crammed in a round or more every day, and yet, despite the long, and recently apocalyptic winter months, and the election year respite when Obama rarely played at all, every 10 days is quite an impressive number.  Or depressing number.

I have tried to embrace the optimistic view that some of my friends have taken - that all of those vacations, holidays, and hours spent on the golf course are time that Obama isn't in the Oval screwing up our country.  But, common sense tells me that no matter how bad of a president he is, he should still appear to be doing his job.  He should want the American public to think that he works hard.  Presidential photo ops should be taking place at the White House, reviewing the military, or visiting foreign heads of state.  

Instead, our president is on the golf course.  Our Secretary of State fell off his bike and broke his femur - and while I wish him a speedy recovery, I could do without seeing another single photo of a 71-year old man in Spandex bike couture.  Nor do I need to see the president's wife doing squats in stretchy pants.  

Could these people at least pretend to care about our country, and attempt to look like professionals for the next ~20 months?

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