June 10, 2015

Fire up the DeLorean

I want to go back in time, to a place where I don't have to explain things like this to my children:

From the Denton Record-Chronicle, "Yesterday's news, tomorrow."
I really, really, really don't care what people want to do in their lives and with their bodies as long as it doesn't harm anyone (other than themselves) and it doesn't intrude on any of my freedoms.  I do not appreciate the current attitude that I have to alter my beliefs and values and put people who make these sorts of choices on a pedestal.  I subscribe to the belief that we should love one another, and within that, I believe we are entitled to our own set of opinions, many of which we should quietly keep to ourselves.

What bothers me is this rather sudden shift in what the media thinks is acceptable, and how society is swallowing it.  We can't pretend that personal pronouns don't exist to distinguish gender.  A journalist is supposed to lay out facts, and write articles that make things clear, not ambiguous or unnecessarily intriguing because no one will address what every reader is wondering.  Why would the writer ignore the lipsticked elephant in the room and write an entire article about a MAN that ignores the fact that the picture provided begs for an explanation?  The writer uses neutral terms and the victim's last name in all but one sentence, and that near the end of the article. And why run the photo at all, knowing it is a red herring?  It is as if some switch was flipped with the Trans-Jenner story, and newspapers are rushing to show how fashion-forward they are in their treatment of what was once referred to as 'alternative lifestyles'.

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