May 4, 2015


Last night, a terror attack in a suburb of Dallas took center stage on the national news scene.  ISIS has now claimed responsibility for an attack that resulted in the terrorists being very much dead, having only grazed a Garland School District Security officer.  How proud the jihadists must be, knowing they wounded a rent-a-cop who was treated and released before the attacker's bodies were cold on the ground.

My friend Allen shared this tweet that cracked me up:

It does, however, raise a very valid point.  It seems that the terrorists were Phoenix-based.  Apparently, the internet "chatter" calling on ISIS brothers in Garland to attack didn't result in anyone local stepping up to the plate.  Or maybe there just aren't any here.  Regardless, anyone coming to Texas, or planning an attack in Texas should assume that a high percentage of the general public is going to be armed.  And, our SWAT teams and police officers aren't going to ration their ammo when you attack.
And, our local news outlets will repeatedly, and somewhat gleefully, explain that they are only showing a wide shot of the crime scene due to the two dead terrorist bodies in the street.  
Not that it is really necessary, but here is my FOD tie-in.  The initial indication is that one of the terrorists is Elton Simpson, an al Qaeda wannabe.
Simpson was well known to the FBI. Five years ago he was convicted for lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to Africa where investigators alleged he planned to join a terror group.
The investigation in Simpson reached back to July 2007, when Simpson was recorded said of fighting with Islamists, “I know we can do it, man. But you got to find the right people that… Gotta have connects.”
Despite that and other recordings, a judge ruled the government did not adequately prove he was going to join a terror group and Simpson was sentenced to three years’ probation for lying to investigators.
They haven't said why yet, but the bomb squad blew up the car, indicative of explosives being found, and the terrorists were apparently adequately armed, some report that they had assault rifles.

How does someone "well known to the FBI" for terrorist activity get their hands on that kind of stuff?  Because we have a sympathizer-in-chief that only cares about preserving the rights of the wrong kind of people.  Who had declared his own war on our Constitution and American values.  Who elevates celebrities to hero status and ignores true American heroes.  I can't wait until he is gone.

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