April 4, 2015

Not easily impressed - or parted from my money

This time of the year is such a whirlwind for me.  Last week Crash celebrated his 8th birthday (with an archery party, no less, the tales of which I will save for another post), this week The Princess celebrated her birthday, Easter is tomorrow, Boom's college Parent's Weekend in two weeks, Mr. H's birthday, Mother's Day, the end of school, and somewhere in there I am supposed to be planning my son's Court of Honor for earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Working, chauffeuring, planning, and being a mom force time management decisions that often keep me up late, or up early, or both.  I love that the internet provides options to have delivered to my door things that I don't necessarily have the time to drive to a store and get.

I got an email the other night from Amazon, advertising a service called "Prime Now".  Amazon offers a select group of products that can be delivered to my door in one hour.  People in other cities have a two-hour delivery window, but I live about 10 miles from a ginormous Amazon distribution center, so if I need a sterling silver pendant necklace in the next 60 minutes, I can get it.

I got very excited, what a great service!  I started to browse, with all the upcoming events that required purchases in my mind.  Whose shopping habits helped Amazon determine what products they would offer?  My guess is techie, fitness minded, organic pet food buying, clean freaks.  The categories and top products are an array of the latest tech gifts, Fitbits, (mostly cat) food of the very expensive variety, and an entire section of household cleaning products.

As badly as I wanted to test the one hour delivery system, I just could't find anything I needed.  Which was probably good, as I later learned that despite all the advertising for "free" one hour delivery, there is an expectation that you tip the delivery driver.  Granted, if it was something I desperately needed, and just didn't have a way to get it any other way, I would be willing to pay for the delivery.  But, I hate being bait and switched.  Free means free.

I am not so mightily impressed as others are with the idea of Amazon same day delivery.  Aren't we just circling back around?  Milkmen, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery - all things that I remember from my childhood.  And, Dominoes has been custom-making pizzas and delivering them in 30 minutes or less for decades.  Hey Amazon, want to impress me?  Get my doctor to make house calls (that I can afford).

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