April 25, 2015

My little liberal

As I type, my youngest is in his room, gnashing his teeth, wailing, and calling out, "Why will nobody help me?"

Lest you think I am cruel, I should explain right off the top that there are no privileges granted to the kiddos on Saturday mornings until their bedrooms are clean.  They don't have to wait until Saturday morning to do the cleaning, but that is a lesson they haven't yet grasped.  As a result, Crash bounds out of bed each Saturday morning, eager to bask in the glow of the Xbox or other electronic paraphernalia that he is not allowed to play during the school week, only to be stopped by the room cleaning law of the house.

Crash is 8-year's old now.  He is fully capable of doing every routine cleaning task required of him.  He simply can't forget the glory days of mom and dad helping him with the high dusting, or pushing the vacuum for him.  And, every Saturday morning, he claims that he 'needs' help.  Clearly the need versus want lecture hasn't permeated this area of his conscience.  His cries are annoying, but he is my fourth child, and, well, he suffers or benefits by being the last, and in this case, he could snivel for hours and not ruffle my feathers.  Unfortunately, his father often relents, as the crying grates on his nerves.  And, I can't seem to get the 'if you do it for him he will come to expect it' lesson to permeate his thick skull.

We have escalated now, to the cries of "nobody loves me", coupled with the anguish of being expected to clean up his Own. Damn. Mess.

My little boy can't understand why no one wants to share in cleaning up the flotsam and jetsam that he has strewn about over the past week.  Two weeks, actually, as we were out of town last week and he escaped the evil torture of room cleaning.  He fully expects someone else to do it for him.

I know there are moms out there that would rush to console their little darlings, or would calmly speak to them in hushed tones about how much they are loved and supported, and would then cajole them gently into cleaning their room.  Bless those mothers.  I am not one of them.  And I will be damned if I raise kids who think that other people should clean up their messes and do their hard work for them.


Mel said...

Good for you and I have a few pair ear plugs for Mr. H. if he wants them.
Our son became lazy until he ran out of clean clothes and brought downstairs for "Mama" to clean them. She showed him how operate the washer, dryer and sort clothes and do daily cleaning and chores. That worked fairly well.

Anonymous said...

May I use this?

A Nod To The Gods

Harper said...

Sure, Jeff. You can even borrow the kid!