April 13, 2015


This handshake has been a dominant news story:

Raul Castro and Barack Hussein Obama, during a meeting that BHO termed as "historic".

I have never really understood the United State's stance on trade and travel with and to Cuba.  There are plenty of other countries around the world that support terrorism, are Communist, or would rather see us all dead - and yet the United State's ultimate freeze-out stance against Cuba has lasted for over 50 years, while some other major players in world terrorism and genocide get a pass.

It seems a certainty now, that Cuba will be removed from the list of "State Sponsors of Terrorism", leaving only Iran, Sudan, and Syria.   Other countries not on the terrorism list but restricted by U.S. trade embargoes are North Korea and Burma.  Why aren't Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq on those lists?  Shouldn't our president concentrate more on clear and present dangers to Americans, while tapping the brakes before removing Cuba from the list, knowing that Vladimir Putin is a lot closer to Castro than Obama will ever be?

I can't help but think of Cuba as the low-hanging fruit of an Obama administration desperate to put something on their foreign policy resume.

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