March 4, 2015

Negative Waves

I missed FOD this week, but it was somewhat intentional.  There is so much negativity related to the president, and politics.  That isn't what our founding fathers intended.  That isn't why so many have risked their lives for this ideal of freedom and democracy.

This president, it seems, is determined to go out in a blaze of self-righteous, uppity, long-term damage glory.  Good luck to the poor sap who gets elected next.  Our credibility is shot with so many former allies.  Obama is like a psycho boyfriend that decides to kill or maim the ex-girlfriend with the, "if I can't have her, nobody can" mentality.  He has set about destroying relationships, alliances, ideals, and trust to such a degree that it will take decades to recover.  And, as divided as we are as a nation, I am not sure even the greatest of leaders could repair both the internal and external damage anytime soon.

As I read back over the last paragraph, I have done exactly what I was trying to avoid.  All the negativity.  We battle this at work, and my boss has put a shortcut to this movie clip on his desktop.  When the negativity starts, he clicks on the shortcut, and plays this not-so-subtle reminder for everyone in the office:

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