March 30, 2015


I am so weary of this president.  As busy as I am, and as lax as I have become about posting here, it is obvious, but I need to repeat it nonetheless.  Fatigue is my number one Obama-related emotion.  I am still repulsed, and angry, and fearful, but mostly I am overwhelmingly tired of thinking, hearing, and seeing that jerk.

John Kerry has been in Switzerland taking part in negotiations that on the surface are supposedly for making sure that Iran isn't enriching uranium for nuclear weapons.  I have always been fascinated by the idea that heads of state, or their representatives, get together and decide who gets to have a nuclear weapon and who doesn't.  It's like the Little Rascals holed up in their club house with a "No Nukes For You" sign out front.

Is anyone the slightest bit honest in those talks, or is it all just a giant circle jerk version of some perverted political game wherein they try to see if anyone is dumb enough to agree to limit their own military power just because some other country thinks they should? We all know that Iran likely has nuclear weapon capability, though Kerry comes across as so dull that he might actually be fooled.  Whatever agreement might come out of these talks can/will affect our foreign relations worldwide.  One of the more terrifying rumors coming out of the talks is that Iran may agree to ship much of its stockpile to Russia.  Yeah, because Putin has been so trustworthy of late.

Tuesday is the deadline for this nuclear deal that has been months in the making.  As the world waits and watches to see what will come out of the talks, our President is sequestered with his top aides, vetting information, studying reports, talking on the secure line with Kerry, anxious to broker a deal that will protect the free world from evil axis powers like a nuclear-capable Iran.

Nah, just kidding.  Obama do what Obama do best...

The president of the United States went to Florida for the weekend to golf with Alonzo Mourning, Ahmad Rashad (who, coincidentally, is dating Valerie Jarrett), and Cy Walker (Valerie Jarrett's cousin).

On Sunday Obama played his eighth round of the year, bringing his presidential grand total to 221.

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