March 23, 2015


Last week the interwebs were ablaze with the news that a secret buyer had purchased the Hawaiian estate that was once the filming location for Magnum P.I..  Someone has since come at and claimed otherwise, but it wouldn't be the first time someone has lied on behalf of the Obamas.  Having visited the island state during this presidency, I am aware that Hawaiians, in general, love the guy.  Seeing his bobble heads and cardboard cutouts at all the souvenir shops and airport stores is off-putting enough.  The Obamas moving there would have sealed the deal on killing any future travel plans to Hawaii.

This week an "impeccable source" (whatever the hell that means) claims the Obamas will be moving to New York after leaving D.C..  They will be in good company, and one can hope that they will hunker down in their overpriced home and never be heard from again.

The thing that gave me a good chuckle was when the article mentioned that Chicago likely isn't sophisticated enough for the Obamas.  I know it sounds racist, but sheesh, have you ever heard anything more uppity?  I am sure that Michelle and Barack turn their nose up when thinking about the Bushes choosing to live in Texas after office, and, thank God for that.  I am sure the Lone Star State is safe from any future occupation by the Obamas.

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