March 30, 2015


I am so weary of this president.  As busy as I am, and as lax as I have become about posting here, it is obvious, but I need to repeat it nonetheless.  Fatigue is my number one Obama-related emotion.  I am still repulsed, and angry, and fearful, but mostly I am overwhelmingly tired of thinking, hearing, and seeing that jerk.

John Kerry has been in Switzerland taking part in negotiations that on the surface are supposedly for making sure that Iran isn't enriching uranium for nuclear weapons.  I have always been fascinated by the idea that heads of state, or their representatives, get together and decide who gets to have a nuclear weapon and who doesn't.  It's like the Little Rascals holed up in their club house with a "No Nukes For You" sign out front.

Is anyone the slightest bit honest in those talks, or is it all just a giant circle jerk version of some perverted political game wherein they try to see if anyone is dumb enough to agree to limit their own military power just because some other country thinks they should? We all know that Iran likely has nuclear weapon capability, though Kerry comes across as so dull that he might actually be fooled.  Whatever agreement might come out of these talks can/will affect our foreign relations worldwide.  One of the more terrifying rumors coming out of the talks is that Iran may agree to ship much of its stockpile to Russia.  Yeah, because Putin has been so trustworthy of late.

Tuesday is the deadline for this nuclear deal that has been months in the making.  As the world waits and watches to see what will come out of the talks, our President is sequestered with his top aides, vetting information, studying reports, talking on the secure line with Kerry, anxious to broker a deal that will protect the free world from evil axis powers like a nuclear-capable Iran.

Nah, just kidding.  Obama do what Obama do best...

The president of the United States went to Florida for the weekend to golf with Alonzo Mourning, Ahmad Rashad (who, coincidentally, is dating Valerie Jarrett), and Cy Walker (Valerie Jarrett's cousin).

On Sunday Obama played his eighth round of the year, bringing his presidential grand total to 221.

March 23, 2015


Last week the interwebs were ablaze with the news that a secret buyer had purchased the Hawaiian estate that was once the filming location for Magnum P.I..  Someone has since come at and claimed otherwise, but it wouldn't be the first time someone has lied on behalf of the Obamas.  Having visited the island state during this presidency, I am aware that Hawaiians, in general, love the guy.  Seeing his bobble heads and cardboard cutouts at all the souvenir shops and airport stores is off-putting enough.  The Obamas moving there would have sealed the deal on killing any future travel plans to Hawaii.

This week an "impeccable source" (whatever the hell that means) claims the Obamas will be moving to New York after leaving D.C..  They will be in good company, and one can hope that they will hunker down in their overpriced home and never be heard from again.

The thing that gave me a good chuckle was when the article mentioned that Chicago likely isn't sophisticated enough for the Obamas.  I know it sounds racist, but sheesh, have you ever heard anything more uppity?  I am sure that Michelle and Barack turn their nose up when thinking about the Bushes choosing to live in Texas after office, and, thank God for that.  I am sure the Lone Star State is safe from any future occupation by the Obamas.

March 21, 2015

Not so boring Friday

After work last night, I went out to dinner and shopping with my daughters.  As we were nearing home, we witnessed a hit-and-run accident.  In fact, it happened right beside us.  As we were about to go through an intersection, another car passed us in the left-hand turn lane, then veered into the oncoming lane making a left turn and clipping the front of an oncoming car.  In the split-second that I realized what had happened and was looking for a safe place to pull over, Boom said, "They aren't going to stop," pointing to the car continuing west from the intersection.

"The hell they aren't," I said, noting that other cars were stopping to check on the disabled car in the intersection, and that I could give chase without fear of no once else rendering aid that might be needed.

The other driver was clearly accelerating, headed toward the highway.  Nice try, but the beauty of mom-mobile SUVs are that they pack nearly 400 horsepower - you aren't going to outrun me on a straightaway. I am not sure if it was conscience, my bright lights in her rear-view, or the speed at which I hung with her, that got her to pull over - I never spoke to her, just sat there with her car and scowling face spotlighted in my headlights, as I talked to the 911 dispatcher.  She finally stopped, threw her door open, cigarette in hand, glaring at us, and stumbled around to the front of her car.  In hindsight, I wonder if her tire ran down or something else was damaged that caused her to stop.  She wasn't concerned if anyone back at the accident scene was injured, just pissed that she was caught.  We all thought she looked drunk - granted we were judging solely on her inability to walk straight and her bleary-eyed glare.  She had pulled over in a very dangerous spot with no shoulder due to construction, so I didn't stay long, fearing that we would get hit sitting there in the road.  I had to go a mile down the road to get turned around so that I could return to the original scene and identify myself to the officer, as directed by the dispatcher.

Granted, I wouldn't have chased anyone if I lived in a more dangerous area, or if the car looked like it belonged to some sort of thug.  I am not stupid.  My decision to follow was reinforced when we got back to the accident scene.  The driver that had been hit was a sweet little gray-haired elderly woman.  Luckily she wasn't hurt, but her car was pretty trashed.  I spoke briefly to her, gave my information to the officer, and then headed home.

Curiosity got the better of us, and the girls encouraged me to circle around so that we could pass the site where the hit-and-runner (and the cops) were stopped.  When we passed by, there was plenty of activity around her car, but no sight of her, building our hope that she was cuffed in the back of the cruiser.  It would have been perfect, had she been doing a field sobriety test when we passed by.  Oh well, can't have it all.

When we finally got home and headed to bed, Boom gave me a hug and said, "Thanks for letting me check car chase off of my bucket list."  It wasn't really much of a chase, but kinda fun for a Friday night.

March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

You will be happy to know that the White House fountain is colored green today, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.

That's right, the White House has placed, what I am sure is organic, non-toxic, all-natural green dye into the water to celebrate the holiday that commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

The president is hosting the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny.  One of Kenny's first acts as PM of Ireland was to slash his own pay, then lead further reductions for other ministers, as well as leading the charge on reducing politician's use of government provided transportation.  Kenny has been insistent at keeping Ireland's corporate tax rate low.  His goal for Ireland's budget is to operate with a deficit of 3% of the GDP.

I will be lifting my glass of Guinness tonight in hopes that Kenny's politics rub off on our president.

March 6, 2015

Getting your money's worth

Incident: AirExplore B738 at Birmingham on Mar 1st 2015, lightning strike
By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Mar 2nd 2015 23:10Z, last updated Monday, Mar 2nd 2015 23:10Z
An AirExplore Boeing 737-800, registration OM-HEX performing "fear of flying" flight ED-4444 from Birmingham,EN to Birmingham,EN (UK) with passengers, was returning from an about 40 minutes' flight to calm fears of flying and was on approach to Birmingham about 15 minutes prior to landing when the aircraft's right hand wing was struck by lightning. The crew continued for a safe landing on Birmingham's runway 15.
A passenger reported: "Not much was heard by way of sound but there was a bright flash which lit the whole cabin."
A post flight inspection revealed damage requiring repairs, the aircraft is still on the ground about 30 hours after landing.
You can't make this stuff up!  Someone on Reddit claimed to be a passenger on this flight, having paid for the service that takes you up to overcome your fear of flying.  
I was on this flight "getting over my anxiety" and to be honest it's probably the best thing that could've happened! Flying on a clear day with no winds would've been nice but wouldn't have been much use when flying in bad weather in the future. The running commentary we had throughout the flight (from a Virgin Atlantic senior captain(in the jump seat!)) was a great help and when we were struck he ever so calmly announced that we'd had a lightning panic. Due to the orientation of BHX the landing was in pretty strong crosswinds which was also a great experience. The only thing that would've made this flight better would've been a go-around! I couldn't have asked for a better flight (if you know what I mean) to help me get over the fear...
He sure has a good attitude, though I wonder if the other fear-of-flying passengers came out with the same optimism. 
I wonder if the company that runs these flights goes in ahead of time with rubber seat covers...

March 5, 2015

Say it ain't snow

Another snow day for my kiddos, and most of north Texas today.  About dinner time last night, the temp dropped below freezing and the rain turned to sleet.  After depositing a healthy layer of ice, the precipitation turned to snow sometime during the night.  Area snow measurements range from 2 to 7 inches.  My amateur stick-a-ruler-in-the-snow measurement read about 3 inches.

I woke up around 3 am, wide awake.  It was bright outside, which struck me as odd, considering the cloud cover.  I suppose the brightness is a result of the blanket of white, reflecting what light there was outside.  I entertained thoughts of cranking up "Do you wanna build a snowman..." to wake my kids, but thought that I would certainly pay the price around 1 pm when their lack of sleep caught up with them.

The forecast today has our temp above freezing by late afternoon, so the roads will clear by tomorrow.  That didn't stop 90% of the populace from cleaning out grocery store shelves.  It has become hilariously formulaic, the news coverage of a winter weather event in North Texas.  Pre-event, we get the dire forecasts, the reminders to shelter pets, cover faucets, move fragile plants inside, along with live reports with a camera shot of empty milk coolers and barren bread aisles.  As the weather moves in, the local channels break in to regular programming to show the first snowflake hitting the ground.  They interview the snow plow and sand truck crew chief, they explain the chemical make-up of the ice preventative brine used to treat bridges and airport runways.  The first rush hour of the weather will have multiple reporters camped at every critical highway juncture, lecturing people to Stay! Off! The! Roads!, as they travel from spot to spot in the station's "Thunder Truck".  This morning we sat mesmerized in front of the television as they held a 5-minute close shot of a car backing down an interstate highway flyover ramp.  And, in the hours since, every time they throw the newscast to that location, they refer to the earlier cars-in-reverse incident as "high drama".

I can't believe I sat there and watched, but it did provide a moment of sweet remembrance from my own childhood, as I watched my kids' faces when their school closing scrolled across the bottom of the screen.  Snow Day!  No matter that we had received the news via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, text, and phone message - seeing it on the television gives it that extra something.  They cheered and I smiled, remembering how liberating that news was as a child.

March 4, 2015

Negative Waves

I missed FOD this week, but it was somewhat intentional.  There is so much negativity related to the president, and politics.  That isn't what our founding fathers intended.  That isn't why so many have risked their lives for this ideal of freedom and democracy.

This president, it seems, is determined to go out in a blaze of self-righteous, uppity, long-term damage glory.  Good luck to the poor sap who gets elected next.  Our credibility is shot with so many former allies.  Obama is like a psycho boyfriend that decides to kill or maim the ex-girlfriend with the, "if I can't have her, nobody can" mentality.  He has set about destroying relationships, alliances, ideals, and trust to such a degree that it will take decades to recover.  And, as divided as we are as a nation, I am not sure even the greatest of leaders could repair both the internal and external damage anytime soon.

As I read back over the last paragraph, I have done exactly what I was trying to avoid.  All the negativity.  We battle this at work, and my boss has put a shortcut to this movie clip on his desktop.  When the negativity starts, he clicks on the shortcut, and plays this not-so-subtle reminder for everyone in the office: