February 4, 2015

It is time

My family has an informal betting pool every year, each of us trying to guess when a certain neighbor will take his Christmas decorations down.  This year his decorations were rather subdued, likely because many of his outdoor decorations were trashed from being left out for so long in previous years.  He didn't put up any lights that required a ladder, so we were thinking he might un-decorate much earlier this year.  As of this morning, Santa and three reindeer are still adorning the yard.  (He started with eight reindeer several years ago, but the weather has thinned his herd).  I won the family bet one year, having guessed Easter as the occasion by which he would take down the decor, so I am not at all surprised that he is still stuck in a December mindset.

I am surprised by the number of people that accompany him.  On our morning commute to school there are half a dozen or so homes that make it seem as if we are in a pre-Christmas time warp.  There are lights, nativity scenes (my favorite is the indoor display that is set up outdoors in a large fish tank), plastic holiday characters, and inflatable snowmen.  I can almost understand not having the time or energy to put things away properly, but there is a whole other dimension to those people who haven't cut the power.  Lights still blaze at night, and inflatable characters are still bobbing up and down out of gift boxes.

Seriously folks, unplug the timer, flip the switch.  It is time to pack Christmas away.

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