February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I am pretty anti-Valentine's Day.  Not that I don't appreciate the intended sentiment, but, really, Russell Stover, FTD, and Hallmark pushed the envelope and set the bar ridiculously high years ago.

I had to stop by the store after work yesterday, and had a constant grin on my face, watching teenage boys and dads with kids, as they filled their carts with teddy bears, flowers, chocolate, and glittery cards.  Again this morning I had a laugh, as a friend posted a photo of the special breakfast her daughter prepared; half a banana, a piece of toast, and four mini muffins.  A carb lovers dream, and very similar to breakfasts that my kids have made for me.

Perhaps more infuriating, from my anti-commercialization standpoint, is the fact that as I shopped last night, store employees were consolidating the remaining Valentine's merchandise and putting out Easter candy.  Oh. Hell. No.  C'mon, give us a day or two in between the merchandise switch.

I hope that your day is meaningful to you...

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CenTexTim said...

As someone I used to know once said, "Drink vodka until I look hot."