February 9, 2015

FOD - 710

710 days until a new president is sworn into office and the Obamas slink off into the sunset.

Barack played his 215th round of golf this past weekend.  At the beginning of his second term, I predicted he would break the 200 mark for round during his presidency, despite the lack of golfing during the election year.  He has certainly made up for lost time.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him reach the 300 round threshold.

What is left for Obama to ruin in 710 days?  It is almost too painful to think about.  Luckily, some of his idiotic State of the Union trial balloons were quickly deflated and put on the back burner, if not completely put to rest.  I swear, "Free Shit" should have been his campaign motto.

It is too depressing to think about all of the damage Obama could still do.  I prefer to number his remaining days and count the things that are dwindling.  Only ONE more SOTU.  Only TWO more taxpayer-funded Hawaiian Christmas vacations.  No more midterm elections.  We are finally on the downhill side of this catastrophe.

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