January 31, 2015

Wishing for sunny days

The weather has been insane.  It was in the 80s for most of the past week, a temperature that confused the yard, as spring flower bulbs sent up shoots, and the grass turned green.  The kids wore shorts to school, and it was glorious for a bit.  Made even more enjoyable by the evening news stories about the blizzard hitting the east coast.

Just in time for the weekend, the temperature dropped 25 degrees and the rain is moving in.  So much for getting any outside chores done.

I try never to wish my life away, but it is so hard at this time of year, to not yearn for a steady stream of warm days.  I abhor the cold.  I would just as soon skip winter and go straight to May.

Truth be told, the thing I find myself wishing for more fervently is the opportunity to move away from here.  As with any long-time home, it is hard to think about leaving.  Family and friends are nearby, there are memories, comfort, and the knowledge of all that the area has to offer. I hope that someday the stars will align and I can move away without guilt, or leaving behind people whose absence would outweigh the joys of a new address.

The Texas Hill Country makes my heart happy, and someday, somehow, I hope that is where you will find me.

Rob Greebon Photography: Texas Wildflower Pictures and Bluebonnet Images &emdash; Bluebonnet Sunset 1 - San Saba County, Texas Hill Country 1

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