January 22, 2015


As has been my habit for the duration of the Obama presidency, I did not tune in to hear him stutter his way through the SOTU.  And, I haven't even read the entire transcript.  I planned to just skip the whole thing, because the man never does what he says or says what he does.  No need to watch his performance art, and I think I might have thrown something at the television, had I been forced to lay eyes on the illegal alien that was a guest of the president.

I mean, really.  Someone who broke our laws, and is in our country illegally, a guest of the president in the House chamber.  What a slap in the face to everyone that has immigrated to our country by the book.

I don't care what Michelle was wearing (though I know it was Michael Kors because that is what the news thinks is important to yak about).  I scanned an article that offered a comparison of Michelle in the suit next to Julianna Margulies in the same suit, as worn on the television show The Good Wife.  Julianna wore it better.  Is it Michelle's posture that is bad, or are her shoulders permanently sloped and forward like that?  She always looks slouchy.

Back to the point.  It doesn't matter what Obama said during the SOTU.  One of the top headlines leading up to the speech was O's track record of keeping/breaking promises made, and he is second only to Ford for not getting his SOTU calls to action enacted as law.  Depending on who you like to believe, that is either because he is a waste of oxygen polluting the White House, or it is because Congress is unruly and uncooperative and doesn't know what their constituents want.

I have concluded that my blood pressure and stress level is better off not listening to anything Obama says.  I am better off watching the countdown-to-election clock, somewhat secure in the belief that no one could be as bad as this president.


Mel said...

"somewhat secure in the belief that no one could be as bad as this president."
The same thing was said about Jimmy Carter. If it takes another 22 years to beat Obamas record I probably won't be around to see it. Let's hope it doesn't happen in the next election.

CenTexTim said...

Mel beat me to it. A situation is never so bad that it cannot somehow be made worse.

Harper said...

Thanks for the optimism!