January 14, 2015

I need fewer MLM 'friends'

I have vented here before, on my deep seated hatred for multi-level marketing.  There is nothing more insulting to me, than to receive an invitation from a 'friend' or neighbor, promising one thing - perhaps wine and chocolate - only to show up and become a hostage listening to some MLM spiel and getting guilt-tripped into buying something so the host can get her free crap.

When I was a kid the Avon lady came to my grandmother's house.  And, for a farmer's wife living miles from neighbors and a town of any size, I am sure that home-delivered cosmetics were welcomed, right along with the female company.

My mom still uses her Tupperware salt and pepper shakers from the 70's.  Most of the other containers have disappeared over time, but those tall S&P shakers have withstood the test of time, likely outliving the lady that got a free burpable storage set.

Many of my aunts still sport formal living rooms decorated with wares of a home decor MLM, I think it was called Home International or something like that.  I remember tagging along to one of those parties, solely for the appetizers and punch, and watching the ladies scramble to order mass produced 'art work' with complementary wall sconces and fake flowers.  It cracks me up that a local Italian restaurant has a picture identical to one that hung in my grandma's kitchen, I smile each time we eat there.

When I was a young adult, a cousin tried to rope me into her Amway downline.  The pitch included several cassette tapes I was supposed to listen to and see how my life could be changed by roping in all of my friends.  In hindsight, I realize that they had dollar signs in their eyes, seeing all the other young (and naive) Army wives they hoped to sway into shilling some cleaning products for them.

I have sat through Mary Kay, Longaberger, Stampin' Up, Pampered Chef, Shaklee, Scentsy, Herbalife, MonaVie, Nerium, and Advocare.  I can't remember the names of the anti-aging juice, the ugly jewelry, the fingernail decoration, exercise crap, more candles, more decor, clothing, etc..  These days it is Thrive and essential oils.  Sheesh, I don't need any more junk!

It is a sad state of affairs that I have to stalk social media whenever I get an invite to the home of a casual acquaintance, and all too frequently see that what I have really been invited to is a sales pitch.


CenTexTim said...

I had a student try to recruit me as one of her MLM drones ... and she did it during office hours. Didn't even wait till the end of the semester.

OTOH, I give her credit for being ambitious and hard-working, albeit with a lack of common sense.

InsomniacSeeker said...

Now they use FB for internet parties. Ugh. I've done 2, because I liked the people who were doing it & wanted them to get their free stuff. No pressure in having a "party" - I got off lucky.

It was Home Interiors, and I have most of my stuff from parties. I loaned out some things to a lady at work so she could decorate her office wall. Got it out of my house. LOL.

Harper said...

Home Interiors! That was it. You might remember the painting that kinda looks like a wooden window with panes, and in each little pane space is a different country farm scene; rolling wheat field, red barn, etc. That is the one my grandmother had, and our favorite Italian restaurant has the same one.