January 5, 2015


Never forget that Obama was elected.  Twice.  The people that voted for him are still very much among us, as is evidenced by the fact that his approval rating jumped up to 48 percent at the end of last year.

I, personally, would love to believe his rating improved because he simply wasn't doing anything but hitting the golf course and lounging in the Hawaiian sun.

Realistically, one has to look at other factors.  The biggest, in my view, is the price of gas.  I am sure that a solid block of Obamabots are no longer feeling pain at the pump, and that has translated to their sudden resurgence of approval for the president.  Un- or under-educated as to the factors related to the price of petroleum, they give all the credit to their White House messiah.

We can't ignore the happy illegals that began the year with new freedoms, despite being in our country illegally.  We also can't ignore those who are excited that we are playing nice with Cuba.

It will be interesting to see what this year brings.  As the spirit of Christmas fades, commodity prices remain high, wars rage on, deductibles start over, and the IRS drags its feet getting people their money back - I wonder if Obama's popularity will wane amongst his sheeple.

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