January 4, 2015

A slow start

I spent New Year's Day in a macabre flashback to a couple of New Year's past...hunched over a toilet bowl vomiting.  Unfortunately, the reasons were much different.  There was no night of celebratory over-indulgence leading up to the event.  I am still not sure if it was a food borne illness or something viral.  Nevertheless, it was miserable, painful, taxing, and led to me welcoming the new year by sleeping it off and missing out on time with family and friends.

I am nearly back to normal, though my days are still awry.  Midweek holidays tend to confuse me, and trying to spend part of my day at work on Friday didn't help straighten out my sense of time and place.  My kids get one more day of vacation, not returning to school until Tuesday, which will only further the confusion.  And, just when things seem to even out and get back on a regular full-week schedule, Boom will be heading back to college, knocking us back off-kilter, as her absence seems to get harder and harder to adjust to, especially after long periods at home.

It didn't help that it was cold and rainy and gray for days.  Perfect weather to ignore the outside world and stay inside.  Christmas brought several movies and good thick books to curl up with, things to encourage us to ignore any resolutions of activity and exercise.  Though the sun is out today, it is a balmy 27 degrees.

The Christmas decorations are getting packed away today, which really signals the end of the season to me.  It also signals the beginning of our family's annual betting pool on how long it will take a certain neighbor to take his Christmas decorations down.  He didn't do much high-ladder work this year, so I am staking my claim that he will get things put away by Valentine's Day, though the rest of the family is opting for late spring.  I think he may have a child graduating from college this spring, so his wife may well force some action if there is a chance of family gathering for a celebration.

Having ventured out to retail stores, one wouldn't think that Valentine's day was too far off, the shelves of Wal-Mart and others having filled the Christmas void with chocolate-filled hearts and red teddy bears.  Sheesh, let us catch our breath between overly commercialized holidays.

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