December 28, 2014

Post-Christmas Refueling

I hit a wall yesterday, and did almost nothing productive, except laundering all of the new clothes that my family received as gifts.  Christmas was good, but I think I was still running on pure adrenaline.  The 26th dawned, and I was on a mission to return and exchange the gift missteps so I didn't have to hear about disappointment.  It is insulting, as an adult, to see the sum total of the holiday - all the work that goes into decorating, cooking, shopping, etc., only to have the young ones complain about a duplicate gift, or something that didn't fit. I understand that they have few other worries in the world, but, it grates on my nerves and some things are better dealt with swiftly than left to aggravate.

So, we fought the post-Christmas crowds on Friday.  I came out of it unscathed, and managing to smile and laugh about the obviously unhappy people who were handling their holiday disappointments with less character than my 7-year old.  There was an Asian lady that literally hip-checked me out of her way at the Apple Store.  I started to say something, but then noticed the poor kid she was dragging behind her, and decided that laughing it off would serve us all better.

I was at the Apple Store to buy a screen protector for an iPod.  We perused an entire wall of iPhone accessories (which is where Asian lady tried to knock me down, in her lust for some iPhone 6 gadget, no doubt), to no avail.  We crossed to the other side of the store where the speakers and earbuds were, thinking that perhaps the iPod cases and screen protectors would be found there.  Nope.  At this point an Apple Store employee offered to help.  I clearly said that we were looking for an iPod screen protector, yet she asked which iPhone it was for, while herding me toward the phone accessory wall.  "No," I said, "an iTouch, like these right here," and helpfully pointed to the display.

The Apple Store does not sell accessories for their music devices.  The Apple-bot tried to explain it away by telling me that the iTouch and iPhones have the strongest, most scratch-resistant glass Apple makes.  And yet she had just tried to steer me toward the display wall offering dozens of screen protectors for the phones.  The irony was lost on her.

I think I have caught up now, on my rest, and a refill of my ability to tolerate the stupid.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

I've only done one productive thing the past three days. I fixed my toilet so it doesn't run all the time without jiggling the handle. Whoop!