December 7, 2014

Pearl Harbor

I am struggling mightily with simply writing a post of remembrance and thankfulness for the brave American military men and women that died on this day in 1941.  The struggle is borne of being a child of an era that found peace in our military might, slept better at night knowing that there were courageous Americans in uniform standing guard on behalf of my country, and my freedoms.  We are no longer that great nation, and I feel that we have a government that is an embarrassment to the memory of those who so valiantly lived and died as patriotic Americans.

Further deriding that which I can't (alone) immediately change doesn't serve any purpose,other than to vent my own personal anger.

My prayers today remember those whose lives were changed by the events at Pearl Harbor.  Our military, their families, and the people of Hawaii - you are remembered, with much love and appreciation, today.

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