December 12, 2014

Pace Yourself

Most of us have had a job or a situation in which we were cautioned, or observed, that our work pace was such that it was going to make others look bad, or set an expectation for the future that might not serve us well.

This morning, I walked into work and was greeted by several employees that were ready to take up their pitchforks and light the torches...their direct deposit wasn't in their bank account.  Payday is Friday and, as with most ACH transactions, we have grown accustomed to seeing a pending deposit notice or the money credited to the account around midnight on Thursday.  It doesn't matter that the contractual agreement says that pay is credited by COB on Friday.  When it deviates from the norm, all bets are off.

For field employees, it is the worst.  They threaten to walk off the job, and, at best, will work at about a quarter of their normal productivity until the money is in their account.  No matter that it isn't due to them until the end of the work day.

Remember when you had to work a full Friday and then the boss would hand out the paychecks?  There is some beauty in that system that is lost on today's worker.  An honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

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