December 19, 2014

Game Day Guard Duty

If you are criminally inclined, today is the day to come to my community and burgle homes (but, please don't).

This afternoon, the local high school's football team is playing for the state championship.  A title they won last year.  They are going up against another undefeated team that won the championship the year before last.  It will be a contest of epic proportions.  Nearly every able-bodied member of the community will be traveling to Jerry World stadium to cheer for the hometown team.

School is getting out early.  Businesses have posted signs of closing.  By 2 pm, it will be a virtual ghost town.  

Last night, the high school hosted a community pep rally.  Television crews did live spots on the evening news.  The head coach was giddy on camera, pointing to the crowd that had turned out and commenting that everyone loves the football program because it is the "only entertainment in town".

I don't know if I would go that far, but it sure will look like it today.

If you aren't familiar with Texas high school football, it is hard to describe how seriously it is taken.  They are, still, just high school kids playing a game.  Albeit on a big field, in a big stadium, semi-nationally televised (if you get Fox Sport Southwest), and the half-time performance will feature the state champion marching band.  It seems almost mean, that one school can win so much, and get the chance to flaunt it over and over.

I worry, some days, about kids who grow up in this atmosphere.  Always winning, always adding trophies to the case.  Heck, even the school newspaper's editor is achieving national acclaim for his coverage and photography of high school sports.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that my kids don't go to school here.  They did once, and they have many friends here, but they are educated elsewhere.

And, maybe that is why a little tiny part of me hopes that the team loses.  I will be cheering for them, and I really do hope they are victorious.  Maybe it is more accurate for me to say that if they lose, I won't be terribly disappointed as it might knock some people down a few notches, nearer to reality.

And, for the record, I won't be going to the game.  Even though most of the people in my office will be heading to the stadium, I plan to go home and watch the game on television, wrap Christmas presents, and be point-woman on neighborhood watch.

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