December 8, 2014


The poor prez didn't get to play golf this weekend, instead he had the pleasure of getting a fiber optic tube crammed down his throat.  (And, yes, I wish I could have been the one doing the cramming).

When someone in my family gets a sore throat, they take an over-the-counter pain reliever, suck on a throat lozenge, or, if we are feeling particularly indulgent, mom might spring for the Chloraseptic numbing spray.  If there is fever, or spots, we shell out a $40 copay to have a professional diagnosis.

The president gets a sore throat and gets a full ENT workup.  I get that he is the president, and isn't bound by Obamacare or thoughts of cost.  But, really, what a frickin' wuss.  The diagnosis was inflammation due to acid reflux.  Ya know what exacerbates acid reflux?  Smoking.  Think Barry is off the patch and Nicorette, again?

Ya know what else triggers acid reflux?  Sweets, high fat foods, fried stuff.  Maybe Barry should take his meals with the school children of America, and do as Michelle decrees.

Maybe Oblowhole can appreciate the rising bile so many of us deal with each day, as we live in this quagmire of his administration.

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