December 15, 2014


Looking ahead to Friday, when the Obama family will pack up and head to Hawaii for the holidays.  On Friday, I will be at work.  Then again on Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday.  Might have to come in the next Friday.

Am I bitter?  Not so far as I get to spend Christmas with friends and family, people that I love.  I have had the privilege of spending Christmas with family in Hawaii once.  And once was enough.  I find we love each other more when we can go to our own respective homes at the end of the day.

I am bitter about the annual holiday that I, and my fellow taxpayers, pay for.  Take the example of the British royals visiting the states last week.
The duke and duchess will take commercial flights and stay in a New York hotel, which their spokespeople wouldn’t name.
Their retinue includes two private secretaries, two media aides, an adviser, a personal assistant, and a privately paid hairdresser for Kate. The British government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Royal Foundation — the couple’s and Harry’s charity — and St. Andrews are splitting other trip costs.
Why should the American people fund the vacation(s) of the president, his family, his entourage and their families, etc., etc.?  The Obama's have plenty of personal wealth.  It is about damn time that someone enacts legislation, or whatever it will take, that forces presidents (not just this one) to fund their own damn leisure activities.

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