December 1, 2014


Golf Count: 48/205

In what is being billed as a promotion for "Small Business Saturday", the president and his daughters shopped at an independent bookstore this past weekend.

I was curious about the story, after seeing the body language that the Obama girls exhibited last week during the pardoning of the turkey.  A Republican congressman's staff member posted a screed on Facebook about their outfits and behavior, and, got vilified as you would expect.  I didn't read her exact post, but I would guess that maybe she coulda woulda shoulda picked her words better or something.  And, since I am not an important person whose words will get me a petition calling for my job, I get to say what I feel - Hey, Obama girls, dress, act, and speak with a little class. If Since your parents aren't good role models, sign up for cotillion classes or something.

So, back to the bookstore, in which one of the daughters, Malia, commented about Chuck Todd's book about her father.  Apparently, she doesn't think he has enough life or work experience to be writing a book "yet", and called him "sad".

Malia must have forgotten that her father's first book was published when he was 34-year's old, intended to help launch his political career.  I don't like the guy, but feel it is worth defending the point, that Chuck Todd is 42-year's old, has over 20 year's worth of experience in the political journalism arena.

And whatever happened to the Obama daughters being shielded from the press?  Is that only enforced when they aren't making uninformed comments that the president will repeat, and then get put on blast to the media?

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