November 5, 2014

Well now, can we get some things done?

The Republicans are enjoying their victories this morning.  In my state of Texas, there were no big surprises.  The only governor we have had since Bush will be turning over the reins to another staunch Repub, one who has made national headlines during his tenure as the Texas Attorney General - one who liked to sue the federal government:
Here’s a typical workday for Texas’ attorney general: "I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home," Greg Abbott was quoted as saying to a tea party group in an April 30, 2013, Associated Press news story.
Speaking to FreedomWorks Texas in Austin on April 27, Abbott said, "I’ve sued the Obama administration now 25 times, over the last four years."
Denton, Texas fracking opponents scored a victory with their ballot proposition to ban fracking within the city limits.  Supposedly, all eyes were on this race, as a fracking ban in Texas is said to be a harbinger of things to come.  I am not sure what the ban has, or will, accomplish, as existing wells are grandfathered, and, well, they are about drilled out.  There are sure to be a number of legal challenges to the ban, and I am afraid the city of Denton will spend quite a bit of their taxpayer's money defending the lawsuits.

But, overwhelmingly, the good news is that Congress is fully in Republican control.  Control of the House was retained, and, it looks as if the final tally of seats will set a new record.  The Senate will finally be rid of Reid in the driver's seat.

It was heartwarming to watch Anthony Brown upset in Maryland, after the Obamas campaigned for him.  The same thing happened in Arkansas, where the Clintons were unable to propel Dim candidates to victory,

We can rejoice today, but I hope that no one loses sight of the next election.

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