November 28, 2014

Watch your step

I had a good laugh over this evening's Drudge Report headline story:
"Rick Gets Ready"
Just over 24 hours prior, the Governor of Texas walked right in front of me.  The Princess was leaning on the rail of an elevated walkway when he passed by, putting his head right below hers.  I joked that she could have kissed it.  I wasn't expecting the governor, and possible presidential candidate, so when he looked up at me, I stammered a bit and simply said, "Hello, sir."

So now the part that made me chuckle reading the Drudge headline.  Mere seconds after passing by me, Rick Perry did something most true Texans know not to do.  He walked right behind a horse.  Between the horses rear-end and the elevated walkway we were standing on, to be more precise.  He might have had 8 inches to spare on either side.  No room for escape, or evasion, should the horse kick or back up.  And, poor Anita was in tow.

I would guess that the Governor, being who he is, as well as being a prominent former Aggie, gets to enter Kyle Field from the back entrance each time he visits.  But, really, he should know better than to try to sneak by Parson's Mounted Cavalry as they are lining up to enter the stadium.

As he squeezed through, my daughter and a couple of other riders started to comment about the not-so-smart person who had just passed perilously close to the business end of their fellow trooper's horse when they recognized the perpetrator.  One false move and Rick Perry would have been kicked/crushed/trampled to death by the ceremonial Cavalry unit of his alma mater.  That would have made quite a different headline.

I think there is a lesson for Mr. Perry to learn in this, something along the lines of keeping one's eyes looking forward, avoiding asses, steering clear of manure...

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CenTexTim said...

One horse's ass in close proximity to another...