November 15, 2014

Swimming in sludge

My house is old.  Not antique old, but nearing 30 years and lots of stuff is wearing out.  We are the second owners, the original builder-owner sold it to us over eight years ago, so they saw the old girl through her first two decades.  And they took great care of her.

We have had our share of maintenance issues.  And this year seems to have been especially costly.  One new HVAC system, two recent calls for water heater repair (thank goodness not a replacement), and today, there is a nice gentleman in my front yard earning overtime/emergency call pay as he empties my septic tank that was apparently maxed out due to one of the previously mentioned issues with the water heater that had been constantly filling and draining itself for 10 days before we noticed it.

The windows need to be replaced in the near future.  The flooring needed to be replaced some time ago.  There are any number of cosmetic improvements to be made.  There are major appliances nearing the end of their useful lives.  There is a constant list of repairs needed.

And yet, I have seen the quality of most new builds, and while I love some of the modern amenities, I can also see the value in an analog home.  I think we will keep patching up the old girl for a few years.  She has good bones, and we are making some great family memories here.

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CenTexTim said...

Septic tank emergencies always seem to happen on weekends or holidays ... usually when you have company.