November 17, 2014


If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.  Did Obama think that if he repeated that phrase often enough, that it would magically become true?

I am, unfortunately, heavily involved in the 'shopping' process for my company's benefits.  When you work for a small company, you wear a lot of hats.  I hate the chore of determining what corporate healthcare plan my company should provide.

If you like your healthcare plan, you can't keep it, because Obamacare dictates that all insurance plans follow a 'metallic' system of categorization.  And they set the guidelines for what makes a plan 'platinum', 'gold', 'silver', or 'bronze'.  All plans have changed in some form or fashion, as insurers change coverage and categories to meet the deadlines set by Obamacare.  This further complicates my task, as it is now impossible to compare apples to apples.

There have been numerous delays and 'non-enforcement' advisories related to the mandates set by Obamacare.  Among them, the ability for carriers to offer 'transition relief' policies that seem to be the same coverage for one more year.  My company's carrier is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.  They offered us a 'transition relief' continuation of our current policy, at a mere 19% increase over last year.

As much as we hate Obamacare, and the idea of ACA-compliant plans, we found one that will actually cost less than sticking with what we had, and with comparable benefits.  Gee, anyone else think that is intentional?  What better way to phase out non-compliant and grandfathered plans, than to make them astronomically priced?

I realize that there is not likely to be a repeal of Obamacare.  Even if there were, insurance companies aren't going to back down from the pricing high-water mark that has now been set.  I hope there are some changes made, something that encourages competition in the marketplace and prevents me from paying for the non-insured through both my policy premiums and my tax dollars.

794 days until our next president is inaugurated.

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