November 14, 2014

Defensive Driving

As I prepare to add a teenage boy driver to my insurance policy, I am more acutely aware of every little thing that could affect my bill, especially an accident or other claim.  This does not always mesh with my otherwise assertive driving style.

I will be honest, if my kids aren't in the car, I don't always play nice.

Don't get me wrong, I am not unsafe.  Nor am I rude.  If traffic and the situation allows, I let people in front of me, I merge politely, I even laugh off most people who are obviously in a hurry and making aggressive traffic moves.  But d-bags who need their licenses revoked, and teenagers with an attitude are going to get reciprocal treatment from me.

In my daily commute there is a double traffic light intersection where two divided state highways meet.  The space between the two lights is short, and the designated left turn lane for the second light actually begins at the first light.

This does not deter people from running to the front of the left-most through lane at the first light, and then trying to force their way across the solid line and into the turn lane before the second light.  This morning I watched someone try this move up against a driver that was clearly not going to have any of it.  Rude Escalade versus F-250 that wasn't going to let her in.  At one point they were both occupying half of the turn lane and half of each neighboring lane, putting the F-250 in oncoming traffic's path.

I applauded him for not budging.  I would have loved to have heard what each of the drivers was saying, though their driving and hand gestures provided revealing clues.  I put myself in the truck driver's seat.  I fantasized about being in the same situation, sans passengers.  I dreamed about not yielding an inch and letting her sideswipe me, as the fault would have been crystal clear, and the car type indicates someone that is likely insured, or has a hefty bank account.  Police would come, they might even ticket her for reckless driving, or illegal lane change, as the witnesses would be aligned against her.  It would be a win for all the responsible drivers around the nation.

Then I came back to reality and accepted the fact that being right wouldn't necessarily mean that the ensuing events would be pleasant.  People would be late to work because of the traffic, witnesses wouldn't really stop, the police wouldn't haul her away in cuffs for being a bitch, and would likely ask why I didn't just let her in.

But, a girl can dream, and appreciate the show when someone else drives like I wish I could.

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