October 30, 2014

Picking a fracking fight

The eyes of the (energy) nation are on Denton, Texas, a city that borders my little burg, as a grassroots effort managed to put a fracking ban on the municipal ballot.  There is a ton of money being thrown at the vote, as well as various civic organizations taking sides, and a whole lotta folks with their panties in a collective wad on both sides of the issue.  The Chamber of Commerce is against the ban, the North Texas Fair and Rodeo took the same position, and the two universities that call Denton home refuse to choose a side, which ticks everyone off.  Those 'for' the ban, are generally individuals with backyard interests and a lack of science to back up their health scare claims.

And for reasons of full disclosure I will mention that I am in the gas biz, though fracking isn't what we do.  My position does avail me of endless pages of studies, documents, key note speeches, and other information that I am able to vet and base my opinion on.  But my intent today was not to argue the merits of natural gas and how we harvest it.

Yesterday, at an industry event, one of the sponsors was handing out the I (heart) fracking buttons pictured in yesterday's post.  They were the most popular items in the place.  Usually the booth giving away cigars runs out first, but yesterday everyone wanted that button.  I had to pull some strings to get one.

Today, I have a few last minute errands to run in Denton before we celebrate Bang's 17th birthday this evening.  I think my first stop should be to purchase a GoPro camera that I can strap to a hat and capture the reactions to my fracking button.  Considering the vitriol of the fight they have going on, I wouldn't be surprised if the camera captured an assault, death threat, or, even better, a science debate with a NIMBY tree hugger.

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