October 1, 2014


I spent the morning volunteering at school.  Holy smokes, I don't know how educators make it through the day without a drink.  I think the Ritalin is being diagnosed for the wrong group of people in that building.

I was helping with iPad rollout, as the school, sometime over the summer, decided that every student needed their very own mini iPad.  Many schools work hard, involving parents and teachers, seeking grant money or corporate sponsors for initiatives like this.  They plan, prepare, and think ahead.  This school, not so much.  They announced the initiative the first or second week of school, and along with the announcement came the notice that students (read:parents and their pocketbooks) would be responsible for cases, screen protectors, and an extra charging cord, so that one could be left at school.  For me, most of those extra expenses are times three kids.  It is somewhat satisfying to know that the first major iPad casualty was at the hands of a teacher, who ran over her new iPad with her car.

I was anxious to be on the campus today, as they had a Major Issue yesterday.  I wanted to see what the general mood was, how the administrators were handling a situation that I found hilarious when I read the email report on The Situation and The Action.  It was one of those times that I was left thinking how ridiculous the entire situation was, not to mention the fact that it apparently commanded the need for a school-wide email communication to calm the shrieking harpies.

The school has a great deal of construction taking place.  There are three new buildings that are occupied, but still undergoing some exterior finish out.  A construction worker was up on a scissor lift working, and several teachers and students reported that the worker was urinating from his perch.  A stop work order was issued and the construction company was ordered to leave the campus.  The police were called.  An emergency meeting of school and town officials was called.  I am assuming that it was the police 'investigation' and subsequent questioning that led to the discovery that the worker in question was installing part of the enclosed gutter system and had drilled a hole that released trapped water.

Couldn't someone, student, teacher, principal, custodian, construction manager - anyone, walk over to the worker, look up, and, if still unclear, say, "Whatcha doin' up there?"

Sheesh these folks are high strung.

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Mel said...

"Whatcha doin' up there?"
Maybe those high strung folks are afraid of being charged with sexual harassment.