October 28, 2014

No rain, but it's pouring

We have a plumbing issue of an emergent nature.  One of our two water heaters is acting up.  By acting up I mean leaking, in an unpredictable and frightful manner.  And, as luck would have it, it is the heater that services all of the showering facilities in the house, thus necessitating a swift resolution.

Complicating matters is what I don't know.  Mr. H, as I have mentioned a time or twelve, isn't handy in a home improvement kind of way.  He is smart in a number of other areas, but was raised in a firm "call a guy" environment, when things go awry around the house.  He was the only one home when the first symptom cropped up.  Unfortunately, he didn't know to check the appropriate doohickeys and settings, so I have little information to go on.

I am more of a fix-it girl, but sometimes calling a guy is the best answer.  Times like this, it is the only answer because the Harper Handwoman service is overbooked in other departments.  I have to be out the door by o'dark-thirty for an all day corporate event tomorrow (okay, okay, it is a clay shoot, but it is for work), the following day is Bang's birthday, the next Halloween, and then the weekend (also known as pay-through-the-nose or S.O.L time, should a repairman be needed).  Mr. H is going to have to call the plumber, and I am going to have to pray that he remembers everything I told him to ask, before agreeing to repair or replacement.

Here's to letting go of some responsibility and hoping that it doesn't cost me a $1,000.  Do you think the plumber would mind my husband standing over his shoulder with a cell phone, Skyping me while the issue is diagnosed?


CenTexTim said...

"I am going to have to pray that he remembers everything I told him to ask..."

I have the same issue with my spouse. My solution is to write down relevant questions, along with a decision tree. That way when I'm out of touch she at least has some guidance.

Mel said...

The plumber might charge a little more for education but the piece of mind is worth it.