October 13, 2014


People are beginning to panic about Ebola.  This is not meant to diminish the lives lost, or the families affected, in any way.  I simply mean to say that Americans now see that an infected person entered the U.S.  That man, Thomas Duncan, has died.  One of the people that helped take care of him has now tested positive for Ebola.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to think about how many people could potentially be out there, infected, exposing others to the virus.

The now-infected nurse cared for Duncan while he was in ICU, when it was known that he was gravely ill with Ebola.  What about the bevy of people that cared for him in the E.R. when he was originally sent home?  

I ask again, why, if this disease is spread by direct bodily fluid contact, and can only live outside the body for up to six days, are officials doing haz-mat clean ups of homes, vehicles, and hospitals?  Why did they insist on cremation for Duncan?

I don't know about your view, but mine is that 'we' have no confidence in our government, or the government agencies that are tasked with oversight of things like public health.  'We' have no reason to believe that they are telling us the truth, are taking the proper action, or that they even care to.

I don't believe that Obama believes the danger of anything, quite frankly.  And, where other presidents had the intelligence to surround themselves with people who helped offset their weaknesses, this president is surrounded by people just as short-sighted, self-serving, and narcissistic as he is.

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