October 17, 2014

Dusty but no Ebola

I know I have been lax here, work has required my presence in the Texas oil patch, out west.  It is dusty, dry, lacking in amenities, but booming.

I didn't come up for air the first 48 hours, and when I did, it was to read a news story about yet another nurse testing positive for Ebola.  And this after she flew on a commercial flight...with the CDC's permission.  Or maybe not, as her uncle claimed otherwise on a morning news spot.

Today the rampant story is about a lab worker that handled Ebola patient samples and is on the Carnival Cruise Ship 'Magic'.  Nothing to fear, but, for some reason, the U.S. notified other countries, and Belize denied entry of the ship, and they are now working to get the woman and her husband off the ship.

Anyone else think they should just let that ship sit for a few more days, to be sure that the incubation period has expired?

I sat down to the evening news last night and got a 2 minute weather update, a 2 minute sports update, with the entirety of the remaining newscast slot filled with Ebola stories, along with a split-screen shot of the helicopter following the progress of Infected Nurse #1's ambulance as it traveled to the hospital.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I do not believe that our government/CDC has any clue what they are dealing with or how to handle it.  If it isn't airborne, why transfer patients to bio-containment units?  If it can't live outside a host body for more than six days, why decontaminate and/or incinerate infected person's belongings?  Couldn't they just shut and lock the doors to their houses and not let anyone in for a week?

Schools are closing, cleaning, sending out warning letters.  Idiots are flooding 911 with calls.

I kinda wish I had stayed in West Texas.

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