October 3, 2014


I live northwest of Dallas, so this Ebola thing is front and center on all the news outlets.

I am getting more and more confused by the minute.  I have heard 'experts' say that Ebola is only spread through direct contact of the bodily fluids of an infected person.  To me, that seems to mean that person A would need to touch person B, or be within the droplet landing vicinity of a sneeze, cough, sweat or blood, or somehow touch their excrement.

Now I am hearing that the virus can live on surfaces for a period of time.  So, when bodily fluids are no longer liquid, they are still dangerous?  Fluid does not equal liquid/wet?

One talking head will say there is nothing to worry about, that the virus can't survive long on surfaces, then the CDC sends a cleaning crew into the apartment where the infected man was staying and takes away the household linens for incineration.

Two of the infected man's family members work in the health care industry, and his daughter, when answering the door for the EMTs, refused to let them enter until they put gloves on.  Who the heck responds to a call of any sort in this day and age, without being gloved up first?

Prior to going to the hospital, the man had been in bed, sweating profusely, but feeling chilled.  His daughter brought the blanket he had been using to the hospital, and it sat on a hospital waiting room chair for hours, until the man was admitted and the family was told he was in isolation, so they should go home.  I imagine that blanket was one of the items bagged up and taken away yesterday.  I wonder about the waiting room chair?

If the virus generally only lives on surfaces for a few hours - and in a pristine environment the maximum is six days, and it can be eradicated by Lysol and other sanitation chemicals, why have several law enforcement vehicles and the ambulance used for transport been taken out of service, parked, and blocked off with biohazard tape?

Anyone else get the feeling that we don't even know what we don't know?

I wouldn't wish this type of public health scare on anyone else, but of all the cities in the U.S., I would argue that the director of Dallas County Health & Human Services is an assclown and it couldn't have happened in a worse place.  I hope that there is someone more capable and better spoken at the CDC or somewhere that will do a better job of calming fears and instilling confidence in the public.  Get Zac Thompson off the teevee.

This guy does little to make me feel safe about their ability to control this situation.


CenTexTim said...

Truly a mess. And the feds still don't think we need travel restrictions on people from the infected countries. Idiots ... maybe we should send them all to D.C.

Anyway, thoughts and prayers to keep you and everyone else in the metroplex safe.

On the lighter side, here's how Zac Thompson should deal with the situation.

Take care, and stay safe.

ASM826 said...

This isn't about people, this is about mammals. Rodents get it. So do dogs. Dogs don't get sick, they just carry it for several weeks, then get better. So a dog that stepped in that guy's vomit on the sidewalk and licked it's paw...