October 7, 2014


Attic pull down stairs: +1
Harper's forehead: -1

Our attic spaces are accessed by pull down door/folding stair combo units.  Our garage attic is the most used space for storage of seasonal items, old furniture, and empty product boxes to satisfy those warranties that require the return of the item in its original packaging.  It was just such a box that caused my injury.  A big yellow Dewalt box, the one that my newest miter saw came in.  It has been sitting in the garage for months, and as I was working on projects this past weekend, I decided tidy up a bit and get things put away.

I can't pinpoint the whys and hows, but the 'what' was the attic stairs somehow beginning to unfold themselves and falling down to whack me on the forehead.  Not my brightest moment.

I didn't lose consciousness, but did see stars and become nauseous.  Now, some three days later, I am still sporting a significant swelling and several shades of bruising.  I can also tell that my brain isn't working as well as it should, but we don't need to tell anyone about that!

I wish I had a better story, though the folks at the office are having fun with it.  I get a few stares out in public, too, which would normally give me the opportunity to make some snide comment to fuel their speculation, but my concussed brain isn't as fast as normal when trying to come up with something witty to say.

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CenTexTim said...

Are the attic stairs okay...?

Hope you recover quickly.