October 2, 2014

Attention Grabbers

Not a day goes by without a bleg, gofundme, or local story about an activity taking place to raise awareness and money for some cause.  Many are noble, some are silly, and increasingly they entail some attention-grabbing facet that I find annoying.

In this morning's news was a follow up on a story about a school district's four-year and $400,000 legal battle waged against students who filed a lawsuit for getting in trouble for the wearing of a rubber bracelet that read, "I (heart) boobies".  Clearly a breast cancer awareness tool, along the lines of "Save the ta-tas" and the latest "CheckYourSelfie" campaign featuring a bra cam.

Locally, there has been coverage of this guy, "Mr. Ballsy"who is pushing a giant testicle from coast to coast to raise awareness for testicular cancer:

I like the audience provided by social media and the internet, to spread the word, raise awareness, and enable those who want to lend a helping hand, educate themselves, or help fund a cause.  I don't think we are better served when we use provocative language or imagery in those campaigns.

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