September 2, 2014

Supernatural makes me look cool

My older kids watch this show called 'Supernatural'.  I have been exposed to an episode or two and get the feeling that I might like it more, had I watched it from its first season.  What it does have going for it, is an awesome soundtrack.

As my kids have watched, in true young people style, by dialing up episode after episode on Netflix, they have been exposed to great music of my generation.  I can generally tell when either of them has been watching, as they will come peruse my CD collection, or ask me about a song.

It started with 'Carry On Wayward Son' by Kansas, which has been featured as the opening song in all but the first season finale over nine seasons.  My son asked me whether I was familiar with the song 'Bad Company' last week.  (Am I familiar?  Heh, it was the song of my people, son.) I have heard Rush, Supertramp, Skynyrd, CCR, BOC, Molly Hatchet, Triumph, Foghat, Doobies, AC/DC, and more.  They mix in some newer stuff, and some more obscure stuff, as well.

I asked my kids if the music had any significance, other than being awesome.  Bang told me that part of the story-line is that the much of the music is from cassette tapes that were in the car that is featured in the show, a 1967 Impala that belonged to the lead characters' father.  This also explains why my daughter started looking at classic Chevrolets with a vengeance last year.

My kids have always been exposed to a breadth of music genres and timespans, but this show has done something by the way of giving the songs meaning for them.  Not the same way that they did for me, as they were the break up, make up and party songs of my younger days, but they envoke feelings, just the same.  And I look like some sort of musical encyclopedia/genius when I can name artist and album to their song inquiries, and can generally produce a recording of it for them to transfer to their fancy little digital music devices.

The show has great outtakes, too...

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InsomniacSeeker said...

You should find the episode with "Don't Fear the Reaper". It's pretty good. That's probably in the first 2 years or something like that. I used to watch it until the vampire crap started.