September 24, 2014

Passive Aggression

My kids' school could be the feature on Passive Aggressive Notes every week.  Every week they send out a communique (and, yes, they actually call it a 'communique') with friendly reminders to the parents about how the car line works, what time kids are supposed to arrive at, and be picked up from, school, what to do or not do, bring to school or not bring to school, etc..

Not a week goes by that I don't comment that their attempts at discipline and rule-minding would be more effective if they would address the actual problems, rather than send out generalized friendly reminders.  As with all other things in life, the people that need to read the notices and abide by them, don't, or don't think it applies to them and their little darlings.

There is a drop off/pick up point on the school campus that is meant for handicapped students only.  Every week there is a reminder about this.  Every day of the week, a select group of parents that think their time is too valuable to sit in the car line, violate this rule.  The fact that they will park their Escalade at the curb, waiting on their spoiled little twats, taking up curb space needed for vans with chair lifts, speaks volumes about their character.  The fact that the school continues to draft weekly pleas for them to stop, rather than post a school administrator or police officer at that location a few times to address the scofflaws, speaks volumes about the weakness of school leadership.

Truth be told, I would guess that it all comes down to staying on good terms with the folks that write the big donation checks, a syndrome that is quickly destroying many a public school, as educational foundations become a commonplace way for schools to make up for the funds that the state no longer provides.

Just this week, I received one of those passive-aggressive notes that I know was directed at me (among others).  Crash, whom I quite affectionately refer to as my mother's revenge child (the 'someday you will have a child that treats you the way you are treating me' kid), snuck his binder of Pokemon cards into his backpack when I wasn't looking.  (Can you believe that Pokemon is still a thing?).  He had been explicitly told not to take such things to school.  His siblings quickly sold him down the river Monday after school., and by Tuesday morning, his teacher had sent out a reminder note for children to refrain from bringing toys to school, and she used Pokemon cards as one of her examples.  At least I have enough character to feel appropriately chagrined.

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