September 10, 2014


Anyone else feeling a little nervous about tomorrow?

I realize that the element of surprise serves terrorists well, but it also seems to me, that terrorists like the notoriety and emotion that is attached to the 9/11 anniversary.

I don't think it is any accident that the White House is starting to make noise about ISIS, nor is the president's planned address to the nation on the eve of 9/11 just coincidental timing.  I am sure that Obama is gazing at himself in the mirror this morning, thinking that he is assuming the mantle of the great comforter, or some such B.S., while the rest of the nation recognizes the truth, and visualizes terrorists laughing at our president, and planning their infiltration and attacks.

The president isn't expected to announce any actual plan, or military action in his speech tonight.  Instead, insiders indicate that it will be more of a sales pitch to the nation, and the international community, trying to rally support and a coalition of nations, to address the threats in Syria.

In other words, another broadcast announcement that we aren't really ready to do anything about it yet, but, By God, we sure are thinking about it.

I wonder if Obama understands that to properly employ the Big Stick ideology, you can't have previously admitted that you don't have a plan.

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