September 6, 2014

His own worst enemy

My husband can sufficiently operate a computer.  His job is mobile, and he relies on his computer for everything; communication, reports, forms, surveillance, etc..  Like a large majority of business people, his computer is a tool.  And, like many others, he can use the tool, but he can't repair the tool, or troubleshoot the tool.  Add to that the one thing that many computer novices cling to...if something goes wrong, I will turn it off and back on and see if it magically fixes itself.

While there are any number of glitches that can be fixed by a hard reset, one thing completely confounds me.  Something that was displayed by Mr. H just this morning.  There was something on his screen that he didn't like, I think it was a formatting symbol or something on his email.  His computer was otherwise operating normally, he had full internet connectivity, and, rather than use, what is arguably the most powerful informational resource in the world, he turned it off.

Thank you, to every third-world call center support tech that conditioned people like my husband to hit the off switch at the first sign of trouble.

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CenTexTim said...

I just ask one of the kids to fix it...