September 13, 2014

Football weather

It is the first cool morning of pre-autumn, with a temp in the 50's showing this morning.  It feels like football weather, though I prefer my football weather to be coupled with darkness and evening activities, not breakfast.  Apparently, peewee football must be finished in time for everyone to get back home, or to the stadium, to support their college team.

Last night, at our local high school game, all of the peewee players led the team onto the field as they returned after halftime.  Little Crash was elated upon his return home.  He really soaked in the bright lights and cheering fans.  While fun for him, I just don't condone how high we have raised the youth sport's bar.  I am sure today's inaugural game will be a let-down, as I have no plans to get into a cheerleader outfit or shake a cowbell at him.

My day starts with football and ends with cross country, as Bang has a meet this evening, some 70+ miles away.  His meet is being run on a golf course, which seems like a good cross country course, as long as all of today's golfers do a good job of repairing their divots.  Otherwise, my next post is likely to be from the E.R..

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