August 28, 2014

The Limelight

Back in February I wrote about the school district in my town putting up some signs that advertised the fact that some of the school employees were armed and prepared to protect students.

For reasons I do not know, the national media made a thing of it this week.  Of course, the headlines are more along the lines of, "What this Texas school district has done will make liberal heads explode", rather than, "How one Texas school district is trying to improve school safety and security".

When I posted my picture of one of the school signs, I intentionally blocked out the name.  In this post, I haven't linked to the articles currently running, that identify the school district and list the name of my friend and co-worker that developed the program the school used to identify and train the appropriate people.  Why?  Because liberal heads don't really explode, they tend to craft evil schemes, and spew vile hatred that brings harm to good people.

After my friend appeared on Fox &Friends yesterday morning, I sent him a text, telling him he didn't look all that nervous(!) and that it was time to declare a moratorium on the media at his household.  Turn off the television, disconnect the internet router, put the newspaper straight into the recycle bin, and listen to recorded music over the radio.  

There is no reason that he should be pilloried for developing a program that may save a child from a school shooter.  There is no reason that his family and friends should be threatened by gun control crazies, that only have the right to speak their minds, because men like him stood on a wall with a gun and fought for them to have that right.

Cockroaches and rodents tend to scurry away when light is shined upon them.  I wish the same could be said for the vile people of America, those who can accept no beliefs other than their own, and who are attracted to the limelight, only because they want to do harm to those who are in it.

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