August 14, 2014

Shark Week

When did Shark Week become a thing?  And is it really just a once a year thing?  It seems like I hear commercials for it two or three times a year.  I am aware that some channel (Discovery, maybe?) features shark shows every now and again.  I am aware that they call it 'Shark Week'.  But when did it become such a thing?

More importantly, when will it stop being a thing?

I love my children.  I love educational television, which is always better than any reality or animated alternative.  But I am growing quite tired of the shark trivia. "Mom, did you know...", followed by some bit of shark information that I could have gone my entire life not knowing, and still die happily.

Sure, sharks are interesting, cool, fierce.  But, I am not a marine biologist.  I generally dislike animals that can eat me.  A trip to the aquarium every few years is about all the shark I need.  Perhaps it is because I was a child when Jaws came out.  And, like any responsible parent of the 70's, mine took me to see it.  I am sure it was intended to be a lesson in water safety or something.  It left an impression.  I can still picture the theater, and the very seats we sat in, nearly 40 years later.

Enough with Shark Week.  When is Beer Week?